Honey Custard

- Chiffon with vanilla bean custard with a hint of cinnamon & nutmeg, honey meringue buttercream.

After Midnight

- Devil's Food, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate crumbs.

The Salty Dog (our best-seller!)

- Devil's food, salted caramel ganache, homemade toffee chunks, flakey sea salt.

Lovely Lemon

- Candied lemon chiffon, house lemon curd, Vanilla buttercream.

Brown Butter Graham

- Brown sugar cake, brown-butter buttercream, Graham cracker crumbs.

Old Fashioned Chocolate

- Devil's food, milk chocolate buttercream, dripping with ganache.

Malted Caramel

- Caramel-soaked sponge cake, malted meringue buttercream, caramel drizzle.


- Cream cheese frosting, no raisins.

German Chocolate (our version!)

- Chocolate cake, caramel ganache, coconut macaroon layers, candied pecans.

Passionfruit Tres Leches

- Triple milk-soaked vanilla cake, passionfruit curd, whipped cream or buttercream.


- Vanilla cake, lavender syrup, raspberry compote, raspberry buttercream, coconut flakes.


- Devil's food, mint meringue buttercream, chocolate shavings, fresh mint.

Flying Circus

- Banana chiffon, marshmallow filling, peanut butter buttercream, homemade peanut candy bar crumble.

Fresh Berry

- Grand Marnier infused chiffon, local mixed berries, chantilly cream.

Pink Lady

- Local strawberry cake, tangy cream cheese frosting.


6 in. 8 in. 1/4 Sheet 1/2 Sheet Full Sheet
Serves 6-8 12-16 20-25 40-50 80-100
Price $25 $35 $45 $80 $150


  $15/half dozen, $28/dozen, Choose up to 1 flavor per half dozen

Mini Cupcakes

  $12/dozen, $20/two dozen, Choose up to 1 flavor per dozen