Decadent Creations specializes in weddings, cakes, pastries and pies.

We're a

small-batch, custom-order bakery in Beaverton, Oregon.

We've created a highly seasonal modern American menu, using classic European method, inspired by nostalgic and home-grown flavors from the Northwest. We only use pure and fresh, locally-sourced butter, cream, and eggs. Never any hydrogenated oils, non-dairy whip, or 'mystery ingredients' we can't even pronounce! Every creation is hand-made with the love and attention to detail that makes Decadent Creations the most desirable little bakery in the area.

Mindy Simmons

Beaverton, Oregon
{503} 430-7619
  • Here it is!! 'Bad Santa' Upside Down Cake! It's a dark spicy molasses-y gingerbread cake with Bourbon-glazed apples! So delicious! Order you...   comment
  • Even though it's the holidays, we've still got LOTS of birthday cakes going out the door!   comment